I recently took a long road trip with a bunch of friends down to Palm Springs. My friend rented a nice sprinter van so that 8 of us could all ride down together. While we were there we played a lot of fun party games including Avalon, decrypto, and Mafia. We had a blast hanging out with each other and on the way home, I had this idea that it would be awesome if we could play in the van, but trying to setup the game with all the cards and pieces was too cumbersome. It wasn’t the first time that I wished that some of my favorite party games were more accessible as mobile apps.

I’ve seen and tried other mobile app party games and it always bugs me how they expect you to pass your phone around while you play. It’s too awkward and honestly, I don’t want to pass my phone around. What if I get a text, or want to check my email, or don’t want to pick up everyone’s germs in the whole room? Why can’t everyone just play from their own phone?

Then a week later I was out with friends having a few drinks and there were some quiet moments. People were drinking and a few people were checking Instagram or Facebook on their phones. Again I thought, here is a perfect opportunity for us to pull out our phones and play some party game while we drink. People want to be on their phones anyways, why not make a game out of it?

So the idea for Nutty Party was born out of necessity and my own selfish desires to be able to play party games whenever and wherever so long as people had phones (always) and whenever there is internet (usually). The only question became, what games do we build first?

Our first three games tried to cover three very different genres of party games. Party Mafia is your typical social deduction mafia game where you’re trying to find the liars amongst you. This is a great game because most people already know the basic ideas and rules. Party Mafia just makes it a little bit easier and a LOT more fun. WizeCrack is for those times when you want to be a little more inappropriate and push the envelope of political incorrectness. See how far you can take it before you start offending people! Then BuzzClue is our version of the classic “guess the word” game. Our free for all format makes it easy to play without choosing teams and everyone is always playing. No need to spectate while the other team takes their turn.

We hope you’ll try out all of the Nutty Party games and email us with any feedback. If we can make your next gathering just a little bit more exciting, then we have succeeded in our goal! Now it’s time to Nutty Party!